Parks in Lytham

Parks in Lytham

It’s known as ‘Leafy Lytham’ for a reason – because of the trees, green spaces and parks in Lytham

Open Spaces

The most obvious open green space is Lytham Green on the seafront. The endless grassy areas are somewhere for everyone to enjoy, whether that’s walking the dog, flying a kite, or just lazing about on a sunny day. Of course, the Green is also where you’ll find the windmill and information centre.

Lytham Green and Windmill

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More about Lytham seafront and Green here

Parks and Gardens

Lythams best known and oldest park is Lowther Gardens.

It’s just off the seafront and across the road from Lytham Green. A traditional park and home to Lowther Pavilion, it’s a well maintained and attractive space with planted beds and immaculate bowling greens.

Lowther Gardens Lytham

Read more about Lowther Gardens

Head further inland and you’ll find Park View 4U. This is probably the most well known park in the area and rightly so.

With a community team of single minded and dedicated people, they’ve seen a plain park transformed into a fabulous resource for everyone, by working hard, drawing down grant funding and working together. What a fantastic achievement!

There are extensive gardens at Lytham Hall. Starting in very early spring with the snowdrop walks the gardens at the Hall are worth a visit at any time during the year.

Parks and Open Spaces in Lytham and St Annes include:

Ashton Gardens
Blackpool North Road Playing Fields
Crescent Gardens
Fairhaven Lake and Gardens
Green Drive
Hope Street Park
Lowther Gardens
Lytham Green
Lytham Memorial Gardens
Park View 4U
St Annes Promenade Gardens
Witch Wood

Friends and Supporters Groups

Have you got a favourite park or open space that you’d like to help to look after? There are a number of existing parks friends and supporters groups which you may wish to join.

If your favourite place doesn’t have an existing group why don’t you be the person to start one?

Commemorative Benches

Would you like to remember a loved one or a special event? Commemorative benches are available in various locations, organised by Fylde Council.

Lowther Gardens, one of the parks in Lytham
Lowther Gardens, one of the parks in Lytham

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Have a look at the Visit Lytham website homepage for more of the latest updates.

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