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view of north Wales from Lytham
View of north Wales from Lytham

View of Southport from Lytham
View of Southport from Lytham

Views Across the Sea

What a fabulous view it is across the water from Lytham!

Stand on Lytham Green looking outwards, and you’re actually looking across the wide mouth of the Ribble Estuary as it flows into the Irish Sea.

What a view it is too, especially on a clear day! You’re seeing the curve of the Southport/Formby coastline, so the largest patch of buildings straight across the water are Southport, and the hills to the right are the shores of Formby.

Turning further to your left you are looking across the norther edge of Wales.

It looks as if you should be able to walk straight across the bay – please don’t even think about it because the estuary is dangerous with shifting sands and strong tides. In fact, when cockling restrictions were briefly lifted in 2011, numerous fishermen quickly got into trouble requiring the RNLI.



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