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 Lytham Green and windmill
Lytham Green and windmill

Lowther Gardens, Lytham
Lowther Gardens, Lytham



Parks in Lytham

In Lytham there are a number of open green spaces and parks for everyone to enjoy.

The most obvious space is Lytham Green on the seafront.

An open green space with mown grass it’s somewhere for everyone to enjoy, whether that’s walking the dog, flying a kite, or just lazing about on a sunny day. Of course, the Green is also where you'll find the windmill and information centre.

Just off the seafront and across the road from Lytham Green is Lowther Gardens. A traditional park and home to Lowther Pavilion, it’s a well maintained and attractive space with planted beds and immaculate bowling greens.

Head off further inland and you’ll find Park View 4U. This is probably the most well known park in the area and rightly so. With a community team of single minded and dedicated people, they’ve seen a plain park transformed into a fabulous resource for everyone, by working hard, drawing down grant funding and working together. What a fantastic achievement!

Then there are the gardens at Lytham Hall. Starting in very early spring with the snowdrop walks, the gardens at the Hall are worth a visit at any time during the year, as the setting for this historic house.


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