Leg it for Lytham Lifeboats

Leg it for Lytham Lifeboats

Leg it for Lytham Lifeboats is the annual 3.5 mile / 5k fun run between the Lytham and St Annes lifeboat stations. 

Leg It for Lytham Lifeboats

Sunday 22 April 2018 at 11am

5k Fun Run/Walk, between the two boathouses, from Lytham to St Annes

The 3.5 mile “Leg It” Fun Run (walk, stroll, dawdle, push chair push or dog walk) starts at the Lytham Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) Boathouse at 11am on the 22nd April.

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After a warm up for participants organised by Suzy Zumba, the Run will be started by the Mayor Councillor John Singleton JP and the Town Crier Colin Ballard.

After a pleasant journey with views of the Ribble Estuary, you’ll arrive at the St Annes All-weather Lifeboat (ALB) Boathouse where you can enjoy a pop-up cafe and a BBQ to revive you!

Whether you’re taking part in the fun run or not, you can still come along to St Annes Boathouse to share in the fun.

You’ll be able to enjoy live music and take the chance to look at the new Shannon class lifeboat BARBARA ANNE.

A free vintage shuttle bus service will ferry participants between the two boathouses if they wish to retrieve their cars or get back to the start. (Sorry no dogs allowed on the bus).

The cost is £10 for adults and £5 for children.

Each participant will receive a RNLI tee-shirt and the knowledge they are helping to save lives at sea. 

Enter online at www.lythamlifeboats.co.uk or ring 0300 300 9902

Leg it for Lytham Lifeboats 2018

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