History of Lytham Hall

History of Lytham Hall

Everyone knows about the history of Blackpool Tower – fewer know about the history of Lytham Hall. They’re the two Grade I listed buildings here on the Fylde Coast.

Lytham Hall is the only ‘stately home’ on the Fylde coast and it is owned by local charity Lytham Town Trust. It is managed by regional charity Heritage Trust for the North West.

It’s also the only wooded community resource left on the Fylde coast. And for good measure, it also has a number of grade II listed buildings on the estate.

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Lytham Hall Open Times

The grounds of the Hall (80 acres of mature parkland) are open throughout the year – please check times and availability with the Hall before travelling.

There are a number of special events held throughout the year. Find out about special events and opening times and What’s On at Lytham Hall

A Little Guided Tour

I’m Linda, and I’m a volunteer with Lytham Hall and I’d like to take you on a little guided tour. It’s in the top 2.5% of national listed buildings and it needs our help and support.

The main gates are on Ballam Road, Lytham or weekdays there is pedestrian only access via Forest Drive Lytham. (Find it cunningly hidden in the undergrowth near the ‘Hole in One’ public house).

Lytham Hall by Claire Grierson, Lytham St Annes High Technology and Performing Arts College
Lytham Hall by Claire Grierson, Lytham St Annes High Technology and Performing Arts College

Opening the Hall to the public helps it to ‘earn its keep’. That’s not inconsiderable, with annual heating costs and insurance alone exceeding in the region of £20k. Let’s not go anywhere near what it costs to run and maintain the place!

Inside Lytham Hall, by Joe Curran, Blackpool 6th Form College
Inside Lytham Hall, by Joe Curran, Blackpool 6th Form College

Lytham Hall is a registered Charity, owned by Lytham Town Trust – LTT (another Charity). It’s managed by Heritage Trust for the North West – HTNW (yet another Charity) and supported by… Guess what…. Friends of Lytham Hall… you’ll never believe this… another Charity!

Not only did the Squire(s) of Lytham own the remaining estate, but much of the surrounding area. All along the coast there are ‘Talbot’ and ‘Clifton’ references – pubs, road names and many more – such was the influence of the family.

A quick bit of the History of Lytham Hall

(Although this is best gained by a visit on a Sunday when the volunteer-led tours take place during the afternoon – charges apply).

The site dates back to 12th Century, when the naughty monks of Durham were exiled to Lytham – there are still bits of the Monastery on the estate. With the Dissolution of the monasteries some 400 years later, the estate reverted to the Crown. Then it was passed through several pairs of hands before being bought by the ‘Colourful Clifton’s’ (a right rum bunch they were too!). They held it – along with several other estates in this country and Ireland – until the mid-1960’s. When the family hit dire-straits it was sold and Guardian Royal Exchange (GRE), the Insurance people, owned it until 1996.

When GRE decided to off-load it, Lytham Town Trust was formed to buy the remaining bit of the estate (much having previously been sold off to repay the Clifton’s gambling debts!) for the community and protect it from the developers. A generous donation of about £1 million was made by BAe to secure the property, but this did not include any income to maintain it.

HTNW joined forces with LTT, the outcome of which was the submission of a bid in March 2011 to the Lottery Heritage Fund. They applied for money to do essential maintenance work and begin the process of developing the Hall into a tourist attraction to encourage more people to visit Lytham and the surrounding areas.

The main gates on Ballam road are a stone’s throw from Lytham Station and bus stops about 5 minutes walk away. There are trails through the woodland, ponds and an abundance of flora and fauna. It’s all unspoilt, ‘au naturel’ and largely as nature intended – except where paths have been added for buggies and car parks created.

Lytham Hall welcomes school parties for tours of the Hall and play in the park during the week, subject to prior arrangement with the estate office – very reasonable charges apply.

Finally, Lytham Hall also welcomes groups for tours of the Hall (with or without catered options – charges apply) during the week. Age is no barrier (for baby and toddler groups to grannies and grandads). The Hall is ‘disability-friendly’ (in so far as it is possible to be with an ancient building, when such issues were not given paramount consideration!)

So, all in all, if you’d like to see history coming to life, then a trip to Lytham Hall is well worth it.

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Have a look at the Visit Lytham website homepage for more of the latest updates.

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