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walking along the seafront
Walking along the seafront

Lowther Gardens
Lowther Gardens

Walking in Lytham

There are plenty of places to walk at Lytham, and enjoy a flat, wide and open scene along the seafront, with a green landscape as you travel inland.

Pull on your walking boots and enjoy the great outdoors!

In fact you don’t need any specialist equipment at all, just a pair of shoes and a suitable coat, and then all the footpaths, beaches, parks and landscapes are yours to enjoy as often as you like.

The beauty of the Lytham area, and indeed the whole of the Fylde Coast, is that it’s so flat, which is ideal for complete beginners and seasoned walkers alike. If you need a bigger physical challenge than the landscape provides, walk more quickly, run, or carry a heavy backpack!

For experienced and keen walkers, the coastal Lancashire Way footpath starts at Freckleton, which is just slightly inland from Lytham on the banks of the Ribble Estuary, and runs along the Lytham seafront right along the Fylde Coast across the River Wyre and beyond, to Silverdale, just north of Carnforth. If the entire 67.4 mile route is just a bit too much, according to Google if you travel the coast paths from West Beach at Lytham to Dock Street at Fleetwood that will take you just a little over 17 miles. Or if you are a casual walker, just enjoy a stroll wherever the fancy takes you!

You might prefer the green and pleasant scenery of trees and fields, in which case there are parks like Lowther Gardens, and of course the grounds of Lytham Hall to enjoy.

The beauty of walking is that it’s free, you see all kinds of things on your way, it lifts your spirits and improves your health – start with a little and often and build up your stamina!


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