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Early snowdrops


The Natural World at Lytham

The first snowdrops at Lytham Hall, or strange butterflies landing, if it's part of the natural world at Lytham you'll find it here.

The natural world is all around us, everyday. Whether it’s the starlings pecking for sausage roll crumbs on the high street, or a wild plant growing out of a gutter on the roof of a building, each day there are examples of nature that each of us passes by, often without noticing.

From the small but amazing through to the obvious and dramatic, with parks and open spaces plus all the collective back gardens, Lytham is lucky enough to host some spectacular examples of the natural world at its best. Of course there is the stunning scenery that changes every day, but also the snowdrop walks at Lytham Hall, the birds nesting in hedgerows and gardens, and the first daffodils.

In this section you’ll find a mixed bag of things to do with the wildlife at Lytham. So from the tame seagulls that live hand-in-hand with residents, to a possible repeat of the majestic sunsets caused by the Icelandic volcano dust
cloud in 2011, this is where they will be.

If you want to share a sighting of something that made your day - however huge or small an event it is - then please send your photos (jpegs) and stories to share through this section.

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