Dogs on Beaches in Lytham

Dogs on Beaches in Lytham

You can currently take your dogs on beaches in Lytham throughout the year, without any restrictions.

Elsewhere on the Fylde Coast, as with many other UK beaches, there are restrictions in place during the summer season.

This rule generally applies to bathing beaches – the ones where people sit and sunbathe and children play. More relevantly, these are the beaches where bathing water quality is tested throughout the year and quality ratings are awarded – more about that below.

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The beaches at Lytham are very popular and well used but there currently are no restrictions about where you can take your dog. Dogs are required to be on their leads in certain places.

There is however a restriction on dogs on the central beach at St Annes during the summer season.

Dogs on Leads

In Lytham, you are required to walk dogs on their lead and under control in accordance with the Dogs on Leads bylaw, in certain places.

Bathing Waters and Quality Awards

If an area is classed as a bathing beach the sea water will be tested throughout the season. The results of which are used towards the rating of the beach.

The Marine Conservation Society rates bathing waters for the Good Beach Guide, which helps you to find a clean beach around the UK.

Keep Britain Tidy rate facilities and the overall environment at beaches around the UK for their Seaside Award, which identifies beaches that are clean, safe, attractive and well managed.

Both systems help you to know whether facilities are good and the environment is clean and safe.

Enjoy the waterfront at Lytham

In Lytham there are many other miles of beautiful beaches and seafront which aren’t classified within the ‘bathing beach’ system. Here, you can enjoy walking, sports or other beach activities.

Dog fouling is a problem – full stop. But it’s a problem on bathing beaches not only because it’s revolting but because it pollutes the sea water.

All around the UK huge amounts of work is carried out at great effort and expense to clean up our shores and prevent sewage and other types of contamination (for example run-off from farmland etc) from entering the sea water.

It is important that you pick up after your dog wherever you walk it. Please bag it, pick it up and bin it.

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