Mature Living at ICare Links View

Mature Living at ICare Links View

Getting older is something that comes to us all if we live long enough! Making sure that you get the most out of your later life is really important and that’s just what you can do with mature living at ICare Links View.

Have you worked all of your life and acquired the trappings that come with advancing years? You’ll want to know that you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours when you’ve got the time to do what you want to do. That’s where mature living at Links View comes in.

Nowadays, most of us are familiar with the concept of retirement living, and it’s certainly popular here on the Fylde Coast.

Leave your maintenance worries behind

Feel safe and secure with mature living at Links View. Having a house manager to look out for you and keep an eye on things also adds peace of mind.

If you’re fed up of looking after a property and maybe a garden, this is a much easier way to live. There’s no house maintenance to worry about, no lawns to mow – what could be easier?

Look Around

Visit Fylde Coast went along on a frosty, sunny day in January 2019 to have a look around. Can you remember Victor Kyam in the old Remmington shaver adverts, saying ‘I loved it so much I bought the company’? Well we were all set to move in, it’s so nice! Take a look at a few of the photos we took –

ICare Links View is Different

Why is Links View different? Because you get to have your cake and eat it!

Keep your savings rather than tie your money up in property

The lounge of an apartment at Links View
The lounge of an apartment at Links View

Do you really want to invest all of your assets into your last home, AND pay a hefty monthly fee on top? Would you have enough money to live on if you did?

Well at ICare Links View you don’t have to.

There’s no upfront, lump-sum payment for the purchase – just a very affordable monthly rental fee for a very nice apartment. Your capital will become your nest egg, to pay for the nicer things in life.

At ICare Links View, help is at hand, when you need it

Residents and staff at Links View, St Annes
Residents and staff at Links View, St Annes

When you get older it’s nice to think that you can carry on living independently, safe in the knowledge that help is at hand when you do need it.

Links View is not a residential care home, and it’s a far cry from traditional retirement living. It’s an opportunity to live in your own home for as long as you want to, with access to professional, tailored care if and when the need arises.

Some of the benefits of “Mature Living ” at Links View for your enjoyment:

  • The flexibility of keeping your savings rather than tie up in property
  • Apartments have kitchens and wet rooms on a secured rental basis
  • Car parking available
  • Domestic/care assistance available  subject to agreed support and charge
  • Lifts for easy access to all floors
  • Residents lounge and restaurant
  • Delicious restaurant meals prepared daily by our resident chef
  • Beautifully maintained gardens and some rooms overlooking the Golf Course
  • Guest suite on site
  • Laundry room
  • Hairdresser available on site (subject to booking)
  • Mobility scooter park and charging facilities
  • Local shop, sensory room and gym on site
  • Medical consulting room on site
  • Hobby room and library
  • Additional bathrooms with support apparatus.
  • 24/7 on-site support team

For further information please see or ring 01253 721678 – and please say that you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

Style, Comfort and Wellbeing at ICare Links View

In this luxurious St Annes development all of your day to day hassles are taken care of. Property, maintenance and security issues are all sorted out as part of the package, while you enjoy your life as you choose, in the company of friends and neighbours or in the privacy of your own luxury apartment.

Mature Living at Links View
Mature Living at Links View

Special care and attention isn’t limited to the design of Links View and its grounds. It extends to every aspect of the development, from your apartment, through the wide hallways and the beautifully decorated communal areas, to the furniture, furnishings and the meals served in the restaurant.

Bedroom of an apartment at Links View
Bedroom of an apartment at Links View
Entrance at Links View Mature Living, St Annes
Entrance at Links View Mature Living, St Annes

ICare Links View has been designed with style, comfort and with your wellbeing in mind. Your apartment, the wide hallways and beautifully decorated communal areas have all received special care and attention. As have the meals served in the restaurant, the furnishings and furniture.

Retire to St Annes…

The Fylde Coast is a popular retirement destination for many people, and St Annes is popular for a new life next to the sea. It’s a brilliant quality of life at the coast. It’s a flat area with good public transport links and so much to see and take part in with vibrant community life. When you find all of the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants you’ll wonder how you ever had time to go to work!

When you’re considering the upheaval of moving home, or even moving county, wouldn’t it make sense to choose a place where you can stay for as long as possible?

For further information please see or ring 01253 721678 – and please say that you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

…or just a few days away!

When you are elderly and have care needs it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to go on holiday!

Does the thought of a week in a care home fill you with dread? If you need some assistance with day to day tasks, and you’d really like a holiday, you’ll be welcome at ICare Links View.

Take advantage of the fresh, sea air, enjoy the seaside and be looked after with a short stay in these luxurious apartments.

It’s also an ideal way to try Links View out before you make the final commitment to move in.

For further information please see or ring 01253 721678 – and please say that you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

Carer of the Year

One of the ICare team of 120 carers is delighted to have won the title of ‘Carer of the Year‘. Not once but twice, at the Blackpool Council and Blackpool Home Care Provider’s Forum annual awards in 2019.

Here’s Anne Scully receiving her award from Mayor of Blackpool Cllr Ian Coleman.

Anne Scully, ICare Carer of the Year
Anne Scully, ICare Carer of the Year

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