History of Lytham Windmill

History of Lytham Windmill

It’s well known by everyone who knows the area – and the history of Lytham Windmill gives an interesting glimpse of a long forgotten age.

The Fylde Coast is a flat landscape, very exposed to the wind from the Irish Sea. It would once have been a popular spot for these buildings which worked with nothing more than the power of the wind. In fact, documents refer to such buildings as far back in time as 1190.

History of Lytham Windmill

It was over 200 years ago, when back in 1805 Richard Cookson sought and obtained a lease from the Squire for a plot of land on which to build a ‘windy milne’. The area was then known as Lytham Marsh. The Mill was always busy as it served a large area of farmland.

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Interesting that in the 1840’s when the lovely houses of East Beach were being built by business men and mill owners, the residents looked upon the Windmill as an “industrial nuisance”.

Lytham Windmill, image thanks to Visit Fylde Coast contributor Juliette Gregson
History of Lytham Windmill, image thanks to Visit Fylde Coast contributor Juliette Gregson

On 2nd January 1919 a tremendous gale turned the sails and despite the powerful brake, sparks ignited the woodwork. The building was quickly ravaged by fire and the interior was entirely gutted.

Lytham Windmill remained derelict until 1921 when it was given by the Squire to the Lytham Urban District Council. In 1989 it was restored by Fylde Borough Council and opened to the public.

If this has whetted your appetite, find out more from Lytham Windmill and Museum website.

Now, there are just three windmills still standing on the Fylde Coast – this one, Little Marton Windmill and Marsh Mill at Thornton.

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History of Lytham Windmill, Old Lytham Pinterest Board
History of Lytham Windmill, Old Lytham Pinterest Board

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